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How you can help customers planning to downsize

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Greg Oddy joins us once again in our second episode to share his insights on the downsizing market. This time, we’ll cover who customers should consult when they downsize and how you can help them plan for the move.

Here are the highlights of our interview:

Downsizing isn’t just moving to retirement villages

Many seniors wonder what to do once their children move out and establish their own families. After decades of building their assets and working for their retirement fund, a senior’s golden years are the best time to reap the benefits.

Luckily, there are around 50,000 properties at that were made especially for the downsizer market. So seniors have plenty of options if they want to explore a simpler way of life with downsizing.  

You can also help your downsizing customers by referring them to The website has features that will make the home-buying experience better like searching by properties for sale and properties for rent. They can also search for retirement villages, over-55 apartments, residential properties, and specialized aged care facilities. The site also makes it easy for them to filter their search to a region they’re interested in.

Planning the move

Moving, for a downsizer, is not the same for everyone else looking to sell a home or move into another home. A downsizer or retiree has to take a lot into consideration as they start the process a lot earlier.

Educate your buyers about their superannuation and their pensions. Advice them to consult a professional planner, a lawyer, or an accountant early in the home buying process because there are different property types available. There are different laws and contracts, so getting good guidance early on is crucial to the process.

It is also a good recommendation to involve a senior’s family members. They can determine who gets the extra furniture or family heirlooms, ask valuable questions in discussions, and give their insights on the downsized property your senior buyer is looking into.  

In short, get as many people involved as possible. 

Prime spots for people over 50

Bethanie Gwelup is a state-of-the-art aged care home that is situated on the picturesque Lake Gwelup Reserve. It has separate accommodations for people who need special care and is designed specifically to provide care for the aged.

Each room in the two-storey aged care home has been carefully designed to remind residents of home, not a hospital. There is also an inviting cafe area great for family and friend visits.

The ground floor has a secure Dementia facility that features a ‘Memory Box’ outside the senior’s bedrooms. These contain personal items that help the resident remember which room is theirs.

Sunrise Lifestyle Resort is a new development located in Port Stephens surrounded by pristine beaches and rural serenity. It was designed to the highest standards of luxury and incorporates a range of eco-friendly and cost-saving features.

Nearby attractions include Birubi Beach, Anna Bay, Nelson Bay, and Salamander Bay. Active seniors will be pleased to know the range of attractions the Sunrise has, like indoor exercise and resort-style pools, fully equipped gyms, a clubhouse, a craft room, a bowling green, and a full sized all-weather tennis court.

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15 February, 2019