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The Property Edge airs LIVE every Wednesday at 7 pm Australian Eastern Time.


On the inaugural episode of Property Edge, Oriel Morrison and Ben Gaze take a look at how COVID-19 has driven a sharp uptake in technology across the property industry.

From online auctions to off-market listings, agents have had to adapt overnight to new technologies in order to run their businesses in accordance with government-mandated social distancing regulations. The resulting efficiencies Ben suggests, lead many to believe that these changes could be permanent even when restrictions are eased.

Off-market listings, in particular, have changed over the years. Traditionally this has been a hidden segment of the market, where properties weren’t openly advertised and perhaps not available beyond individual agencies' own network of buyers. The advent of new technology though has transformed this space, enter: Listing Loop.

Listing Loop connects buyers, agents, and properties under a no sale, no advertising fee model. The 12-month-young company was built around the mantra “everyone wins” and Rhett Dallwitz, Co-Founder and CEO is certainly providing a platform for just that.


Landing Andrew Bogut as Brand Ambassador and then investor was an encouraging early win for the company. This was followed more recently by industry heavyweights, the Real Estate Institute of Victoria joining their partnership program, and the company reporting a 58% increase in off-market listings as well as a 28% increase in buyer registrations. It’s clear for all to see that Listing Loop is indeed living up to their ideals.

Online auctions have seen a surge in activity over the last several weeks and Ben is joined by Angus Ferguson from RealTime Agents to discuss how the company’s first product, BidTracker has evolved to provide COVID-19 friendly virtual auction rooms. 

Carving out a 20% slice of auction market share, the new tool integrates with Google Hangouts, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams allowing easy interaction between auctioneer and bidders as per an onsite auction.

Property management has its own disruptor in the form of Having recently undertaken a Series A capital raising of $7M. Mina Radhakrishnan tells us how a tech company bringing real estate into the picture is rebuilding property management and what they have planned for the future.

The future for Proptech is bright indeed and we look forward to bringing you more news from this exciting and ever-changing space each week on Property Edge.

Join Oriel Morrison and Ben Gaze, Wednesdays at 7pm AEST.

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06 May, 2020