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Gray's Property Anatomy airs every Friday at 7 pm, only on PropertyTV.

Tonight on Gray’s Property Anatomy, Chris gives us an update on his refinancing efforts and how he works with lenders, Damien Cooley shares his top tips for a successful auction bid and Angus Raine tells us how what he is seeing in the market differs from what is being reported in the press.

Online auctions are here to stay, according to familiar face Damien Cooley, Managing Director, and Auctioneer at Cooley Auctions.  Recognising the transparency of traditional, face-to-face auctions, Cooley believes the two formats together are an exciting development for the industry.

“The ability to tune in and watch a live auction from anywhere in the world, on any device is really a big thing for our industry and a big thing for the greater buying public” Cooley enthuses.

As for top tips, “get involved” he urges and “don’t be afraid to bid early.”  

Bidders who don’t participate can be looked upon negatively, by both agents and vendors. While buyers don’t have to show all their cards, a little engagement can go a long way.

Having recently connected with his network of over 300 franchise offices around Australia via 20-odd Zoom calls, Angus Raine Executive Chairman at Raine & Horne is uniquely placed to give us his curbside view of the residential market.

“Things aren’t that bad” he tells Chris, “sure there’s a volume problem but the buyers are still out there.

Contrary to the opinions of “the so-called property experts” he sees in the mainstream media, Raine believes people are using their time in “iso” to assess their future employment and property options and this is translating into an increase in appraisal numbers across Raine & Horne.

“In the last two weeks, the market has really, really, really spring-boarded” Raine says and with markets in regional Australia largely unaffected by COVID-19 and restrictions easing, perhaps it’s time for a road trip to seek out those opportunities. 

Join Chris for another information-packed episode of Gray’s Property Anatomy, exclusively on Property TV.

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Chris Gray Angus Raine Damien Cooley

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22 May, 2020