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Property Edge airs every Wednesday night at 7 pm

With the property market being so fluid and the recent spike in cases of COVID-19 in Victoria, it seems we may not have seen the end of virtual inspections and automation just yet.

According to David Coventry, VP of Business, Enterprise & Government at Optus there has been “a surge in requirements for devices and services across Australia” as businesses “rapidly shift themselves from on-premise based to cloud-based” he says. “5G of course, is only going to help this.”

“We’ve proven doing meetings virtually, is just as functional as doing it in person” Coventry says. And having recently partnered with Hatch and Samsung to develop the Hatch Avatour, a 5G, high definition, VR inspection tour for the property industry, we would agree.

Describing the Transactor app as “the pizza tracker for property”, Oriel and Ben introduce us to Shaneal Sharma, Founder & CEO of the company and entrepreneur extraordinaire who will join the team each week to talk us through the latest developments in the proptech space.

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01 July, 2020