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Property Line - 01 Jan 1970

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It’s the start of the new financial year, school holidays are underway and the Queensland borders open this Friday, 10th July. Things are starting to return to normal for most of the country while unfortunately, some parts of Victoria are once again in lockdown. In this week’s episode of Property Line, Jason Dasey and special guests bring us the latest from commercial and residential real estate, across Australia.

Established in 1987 to provide housing for defence force personel and their families, Defence Housing Australia has long been thought of as low risk for investors with long term, guaranteed leases and an end of lease refurbishment of the property. Anna Porter from Suburbanite highlights some of the lesser known risks associated with this type of investment. 

Looking toward commercial real estate and particularly office buildings, Tony Crabb from Cushman & Wakefield tells us it’s too early in the cycle for businesses to be considering renegotiation of leases at this point. With the retail sector having largely reopened, it’s those venues located in the CBD’s that will struggle most. Bars, restaurants and food courts “that require three or four hundred people to open, to make it worth their while, it’s just not commercial for them to open at the moment” he says.

In Dasey Direct, a new segment where Jason tells us about something on his mind, Jason shares his experience of moving from Asia back to Australia with his family, their decision to relocate to Brisbane and the benefits of long term planning.

And this week, we visit Brisbane’s heritage suburb Ascot with Patrick McKinnon from Place Agents – Ascot who showcases a masterfully reinvented home in Abbott Street

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06 July, 2020