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Property Edge - 01 Jan 1970

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Property Edge airs every Wednesday at 7 pm, right here on Property TV.

Tonight Oriel and Ben take a peek across the ditch to find out what’s happening in New Zealand. With the REINZ reporting sales volumes in July being up over 24% relative to the same period last year, it would seem that the market has recovered nicely from the first controversial COVID-19 lockdown in Aotearoa; but what of the second wave? Time will of course tell but if the resilience and agility shown by our guests tonight is anything to go by, our neighbours will do just fine. 

First up, Oriel and Ben speak with Amy Drinkwater from full service marketing provider, Campaigntrack. Speaking to trends observed since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, “What we’ve seen in the last 5 months is a very rapid increase in offices needing a digital marketing solution” says Drinkwater. “To put it into perspective, what we expected to see in the next 24 months happened in a period of just a few months.” And long may that trajectory continue.

This week Shaneal Sharma tells us about Patch an app which allows anybody to place offers on properties which may or may not be on the market. Owners may of course choose to ignore these offers but it allows them to see what people might be willing to pay should they decide to sell. Currently in beta, this is definitely one to watch!

Turning to the property management space, our next guest from New Zealand is Claudia Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of Renti, a highly intuitive software solution with the modest aim of revolutionising the renting market. According to Smith “There’s a really big space for technology to start to pave the way for property management, to start to move away from paper, make everything much more slick and streamlined but also not need a manual to have to figure out what you’re doing” she says. “Especially as regulation becomes stronger and stronger, I think more landlords are looking towards property managers but they want to do it in such a way that is forward looking and innovative rather than really traditional and old school and as a result can make things more cost effective to have a property manager look after your property.” Vive la revolution!

And finally we chat with CEO and Founder of Valocity, Carmen Vicelich. Using the power of technology and data, Valocity connects the entire property ecosystem, streamlining the mortgage lending, valuation and insurance processes. Of the impact of COVID-19 “We recognized actually we have to change the way we’re doing things because the way we did them before is no longer sustainable” says Vicelich. “So what we did is really rapidly innovated to move some technology that we had already in India for valuers to do inspections to actually create a remote valuation app that a valuer sends to the property occupier, they download our app and they can take photos of the property and share them so the valuer can do the valuation without going inside the property and importantly, the bank can still support financing when it matters most.” Slow and steady does not win this race. And pivot!

Watch the full episode above to find out what other insights are shared in this special episode of Property Edge.

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25 August, 2020