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Your Mortgage - 01 Jan 1970

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Your Mortgage airs every Thursday at 7 pm, only on Property TV

On the second episode of Your Mortgage, I have the pleasure of speaking with two really interesting property professionals. 

John Ng from MoneyJar Concept is a local mortgage broker down here in Melbourne and John has a really great story. He’s managed to combine a passion and hobby with his work and so he’s created a really interesting niche as a mortgage broker, in the community that he so loves. He speaks very generously with us and also talks about a special award that he was up for and won. 

My second guest is Mike Mortlock from MCG Quantity Surveying. Mike was able to share with us one of the critical things that so many people over-complicate and that is negative gearing. He also chatted about depreciation and brought some of his passion for tax talk to the show.

I hope you enjoy it.

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03 September, 2020