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Property Line - 01 Jan 1970

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Property Line airs every Monday at 10 am

This week on Property Line Jason introduces old friend George Donikian to the team. Based in Melbourne where the Andrews government announced over the weekend an extension to stage 4 restrictions, George will give us a rundown of the weekend numbers along with his unique perspective on these unprecedented times.

With Melbourne’s property market taking another big hit during August amid price declines more than twice those seen in any other capital city in Australia, Anna Porter from Suburbanite gives us context behind the numbers across the capital cities.

With the Australian economy now officially in recession, Tony Crabb from Cushman & Wakefield tells us that while the worst of the numbers are behind us, the flow on effects will still be felt in some sectors [such as retail and tourism] more than others.

On Dasey Direct this week, Jason considers the plight of those Australians stranded overseas amid travel restrictions and government capped arrival numbers, as he recounts his own story of racing to get home before the borders closed. 

And finally, we take a trip to the Gold Coast in Queensland as Jason speaks with another old friend, Andrew Ramsey from Kollosche about the booming market and luxury apartment living there.

Watch the full episode above and catch Property Line with Jason Dasey, each Monday at 10am AEST.

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07 September, 2020