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Property Edge - 01 Jan 1970

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With housing prices across Australia declining for the fourth month in a row, the good news this week is that the rate of decline has slowed slightly. Of course Melbourne’s prices have fallen mos,t at around 1.2% for August and with the Andrews government announcing the extension of stage 4 lockdown restrictions, the outlook for next month doesn’t look promising.

Our first guest tonight is Founder, CEO and father of digital assistant RiTA, Ian Campbell. Bringing artificial intelligence to real estate agents in the form of digital employee RiTA, AiRE helps build hyper-personalised relationships by using data to find the right prospects, suggesting communications and making notes directly into CRM’s.

On PropTech Now this week, Shaneal tells us about full service property management app Different. If that name sounds familiar, it should be because we had Mina Radhakrishnan on the show a few months back. We’re all on the same page here at Property Edge!

Next up Oriel and Ben are joined by former Head of Sales at Diakrit and now Director at management and capability coaching company Agile Sales & Management, Angie Dunn. With her robust background in proptech, agile Angie made the pandemic pivot to coach and mentor business owners and principals through the adoption of technology and new processes.

Catch the full episode with Oriel Morrison and Ben Gaze above.

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09 September, 2020