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Your Mortgage - 01 Jan 1970

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This week on Your Mortgage we interview two very special guests. First up, Katherine Persoglia from Property Before Prada helps us tackle equity. She tells us exactly what equity is, shares a really good example with us, talks about what equity can be used for and shares with listeners some of the hurdles that they can anticipate to go through when they’re accessing equity. I hope you enjoy!

Our second guest is Edward Thomas from Edward Thomas Real Estate, down here in Melbourne. Edward shares some of his insights with us when it comes to buyers and finance clauses. Not only does his agency get involved in private sale campaigns but Edward is also an auctioneer. He chats with us about the prevalence of finance clause requests and some of the things that buyers can do to position themselves better when it comes to offers. I hope you enjoy!

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10 September, 2020