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Grays Property Anatomy

Grays Property Anatomy - 01 Jan 1970

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Grays Property Anatomy airs Friday at 7:30 pm tonight

Last years Royal Banking Commission shone a light on the advisor community and highlighted some shocking examples of home owners and investors being taken for a ride. Banks, mortgage brokers and financial planners have been under review and they’re the ones that generations have trusted for decades to put them on the right path. So where should you be going in the future for your advice? Tonight on Gray’s Property Anatomy, Chris shares his views on where best to turn.

Next Tuesday, on 6 October, the Australian Government will be releasing its long-awaited and delayed 2020-21 budget. Always of interest to Australia's real estate industry, this year's budget could have special significance with some people tipping that the government may make major announcements which impact on retirement income policy and over 50s housing and this could have major flow-on impacts to the entire property industry. To take us through the details, Chris is joined tonight by Mark Skelsey, editor at Australia's leading over 50s property portal,

Last week it was announced that responsible lending guidelines could be removed and we may be moving from a lender beware to a borrower beware situation. That could completely reverse everything the Royal Banking Commission sought to introduce but is that what many people now need, given it’s so hard to get a mortgage these days? To discuss this and break the news to his wife that their summer holidays are cancelled, is the one and only Tom Panos

Hear more from Chris and his experts in the full episode above.

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02 October, 2020