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Your Mortgage - 01 Jan 1970

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This week on Your Mortgage, I have the pleasure of chatting to Brooke Flint from Flint Property in Sydney. Brooke is a fellow Buyer’s Agent and we talk about the need for buyers to think into the future when they’re securing their new home. They need to be considering the future potential for attracting a large number of buyers when it comes their time to sell. Brooke tells me buyers really need to consider what is crowd pleasing and what the demographic in the area will focus on.

Also joining me this week is Cameron Morgan from UFinancial and Cam and I talk all things lenders mortgage insurance. We dispel some myths, understand some really good case studies and also talk through the opportunity that it can create for buyers who are keen to get into the market now. I hope you enjoy.

Catch Cate, Brooke and Cameron in the full episode above.

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Cate Bakos

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08 October, 2020