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Gray's Property Anatomy

Grays Property Anatomy - 01 Jan 1970

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Gray's Property Anatomy airs every Friday at 7 pm AEDT on Property TV

When something like a budget comes along property buyers and sellers often sit on the fence until everything has been announced. They may then wait some more to make sure they know the true implications of that announcement. The same goes for elections but really, these events probably do very little to change our current property market. This week on Gray’s Property Anatomy, Chris reiterates that trying to time the market can be futile and shares his top tips on when is the right time to buy.

Prior to COVID-19, the quality or lack of quality in new buildings was dominating a lot of the property news in the media with both Opal Towers and Mascot Towers being the front page of the papers and in the TV headlines. So what has been done to sort these problems and will this give buyers confidence in buying a brand new property in the future? Joining us tonight to tell us more is David Bannerman from Bannermans Lawyers.

And it’s been a big week in finance this week with both the RBA decision on interest rates and Josh Frydenberg announcing the Federal Budget. Joining Chris to discuss his thoughts is a familiar face to PropertyTV viewers, Tony Crabb - National Director of Research at Cushman & Wakefield and also an advisor to the Reserve Bank of Australia and the Federal Department of Treasury.

Watch the full episode with Chris, David and Tony above.

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Chris Gray

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09 October, 2020