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Hayley Mitchell and Justin Berger

Your Mortgage - 15 Oct 2020


Hayley Mitchell, Justin Berger, Cate Bakos

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This week on Your Mortgage, I have two very special guests. Hayley Mitchell from Geelong Property Managers joins us to chat about the importance of getting a rental appraisal. For any investor who understands cash flow and the importance of calculating the holding costs, this is a critical step. Hayley shares some gold and tells us a little bit about how the Geelong property market is faring.

Justin Berger from UFinancial joins us once again, this time to tell us about refinancing. All the things we need to know; why consumers refinance, how long the process takes and what’s involved. We hope you enjoy.

Catch Cate Bakos and her special guests Hayley and Justin in the full episode of Your Mortgage, above.

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Investment rental appraisal cash flow holding costs refinancing

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15 October, 2020