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Damian Collins and Lauren Staley

Grays Property Anatomy - 30 Oct 2020


Damian Collins, Lauren Staley, Chris Gray

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Gray's Property Anatomy airs every Friday at 7:00pm (AEDT)

Many people understand the benefits of Rentvesting – renting where you want to live and investing where you can afford – but they just can’t get over the emotional hurdles and make the move. They call them hurdles, I call them excuses.

While it makes complete financial sense when you look at the numbers, people can’t let go of the great Australian dream of living in their own home and so a change of thinking might be needed. On tonight’s show I counter the top five ‘hurdles’ people often talk about, that are holding them back.

With Perth’s residential vacancy rate continuing its downward spiral to a 13 year low of 0.96%, I’m joined tonight by Damian Collins, President of the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia and CEO of Momentum Wealth to find out what this means for both renters and investors and what the McGowan government, can do to help.

I’m also joined tonight by elated Melbournian Lauren Staley, who is Managing Director of Infolio Property Advisors and Your Empire Melbourne, to tell us what the easing of restrictions means for the business of real estate and what we can expect from the market there.

Find out more from Chris, Damian and Lauren in the episode above.

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30 October, 2020