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Lisa Novak

Property Line - 02 Nov 2020


Lisa Novak, Andy Reid

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Welcome to Property Line, with me Andy Reid, Real Estate Auctioneer and Commentator!

Well, I think the question that we need to all be asking right now is, where is this recession? A lot of the chat prior to the reopening of a lot of our states was around the decreasing of property prices and the rapid decline into a buyers market. Well, my ear to the ground has it that could not be further from the truth. The volume of private inspections in Victoria, the volume of positive action in New South Wales, up on the northern coast of New South Wales and heading into all different sections of the country is quite literally, fantastic! We’re seeing so much activity that it’s not even funny.

From a professional point of view, there’s no more clear indication that if your property is not seeing much buyer activity right now, in almost any property type, then it is absolutely certain you are not priced well at all because pretty much everything else is being stormed upon. I had one client over in Victoria in the south-eastern suburbs, register 86 private inspections in one day. Eighty six in one day! Down in the Mornington Peninsular of Victoria which is going gangbusters at the minute, another client spent 15 hours over three days at one property.

The foot fall and the statistics are all there to suggest that this recession is not going to rear its ugly head for a wee while, so potential vendors that are out there need to be paying attention and getting on board sooner rather than later. Clearance rates across the country have been consistently positive as well so gang I ask you, where is this recession?

Now, in tonight’s episode I have go the amazing Lisa Novak with me. She has been blazing a trail all around the country with the way in which she is advertising property and presenting property to the market for her clients. It’s not rocket science by any stretch, she’s not found any magical new piece of technology. She is literally using social media and predominantly Facebook, to get a lot of her results. It has gone towards prompting a bit of a conversation around the real estate industry when it comes to how property should or should not be marketed. The whole topic around off-market sales has definitely reared its ugly head as well and it’s raged between a lot of professionals at every level, as to whether off-market sales are appropriate or if off-market sales are even legit?

So my friends, I’ve got Lisa on the show to come and give me her two cents on how the landscape is looking right now, when it comes to marketing property and how we can move forward for our clients because right now, I think the client base is suggesting that we are not keeping up with the times. All that and more on tonight’s episode of Property Line, I’m telling you, make sure you tune into this one above!

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02 November, 2020