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Zoran Solano and Quentin Kilian

Grays Property Anatomy - 13 Nov 2020


Zoran Solano, Quentin Kilian, Chris Gray

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If a typical Australian wants to get a snapshot of what’s happening in the property market, they often make up their mind based on 2 figures – the auction clearance rate and the median house price. If they’re looking really big picture, they might take the national figure for the whole of Australia and if more detailed, they’ll look at the figure for their state.

Unfortunately looking at one or two figures doesn’t really tell you much about the market and it certainly doesn’t give you the information you need if you’re investing $500k or $1m into a home or investment property. This week, Chris puts forward the case for good old fashioned research as opposed to relying on blanket figures.

We also take a look at the Queensland market with Zoran Solano from Hot Property Buyers Agents and Your Empire in Brisbane and are joined by Quentin Kilian, CEO of the REINT who tells us things are heating up in the Northern Territory. With a continuing decline in vacancy rates and strong rental yields of around 6%, it seems The Territory is the answer!

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Brisbane Northern Territory

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13 November, 2020