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Leah Calnan

Property Line - 16 Nov 2020


Leah Calnan, Andy Reid

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Welcome to the Property Line, with me Andy Reid, Real Estate Auctioneer, Coach and Commentator! This week, it does look like the clearance rates are staying rather healthy around the country. Demand is still outweighing supply, even if there have been a few more properties come to market. Those lower interest rates and the big banks bringing us a much nicer looking south of 2% fixed interest rate, is meaning that demand is flowing through quite nicely.

There is one statistic though that is starting to look a little bit ugly, so I wanted to shed some light on it. Vacancy rates are starting to cause a little bit of a concern, particularly in our CBD’s. Melbourne came out with their statistics last week and the CBD vacancy rate of 6% is nothing that we really want to be seeing too often. I wanted to bring someone in for tonight’s episode that can help us navigate some of these issues and see what we can do both as professionals and as landlords, investors in the space to come together to alleviate some of those concerns.

Leah Calnan is the Managing Director of Metro Property Management, one of the biggest property management firms in Victoria. Not only that, she is the President of the Real Estate Institute of Victoria and has led the state tremendously well, through an incredibly dark period of time. I discuss with Leah all the things we’re talking about around this vacancy issue, changes in legislation and what we can do to come together both as professionals and as the public to navigate some very uncharted territory.

All of that and more on tonight’s Property Line, make sure you pin your ears back because Leah comes up with some absolute gold for us all to pay attention to!

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16 November, 2020