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Challenges and Opportunities of Operating a Healthcare System During the Pandemic

The Stoler Report - 27 Jan 2021


Joseph Greco, Andrew Rubin, Bret Rudy, Michael Stoler

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New York

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The Stoler Report airs every Wednesday at 6:30pm (AEDT)

Leaders of NYU Langone Health discuss recruiting - during the pandemic - of physicians from various communities, thus bringing increased care and services to a greater number of people and neighbourhoods. Guests discuss the expansion of virtual care for patients and virtual rounds - a tool, enabling better communication among physicians.


Joseph Greco, MD -  Sr. Vice President & Chief of Hospital Operations, NYU Langone Hospital-Long Island


Andrew Rubin -  Vice President, Clinical Affairs & Ambulatory Care, NYU Langone Health

Bret Rudy, MD -  Sr. VP & Chief of Hospital Operations, NYU Langone Hospital-Brooklyn, Professor of Paediatrics, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

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michael stoler joseph greco andrew rubin bret rudy

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27 January, 2021