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Justin Nickerson

Property Line - 01 Feb 2021


Justin Nickerson, Andy Reid

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Welcome once again to the Property Line! It’s Andy Reid here, real estate coachcommentator and auctioneer based down in Melbourne. I hope you’re all going as well as the Australian real estate market is and if you are, then you’ll be doing quite nicely! 


The real estate numbers are all starting to come out from the back end of last year and all the figures, even though we’re seeing how good a market it is, all the figures are still quite surprising in a really, really positive way. The Australian Bureau of Statistics came out and told us that lending has reached an all-time high, rising 8.6% to $26 billion for property. It’s an insane statistic but then it’s all been backed up by median house prices in Australia rising an amazing, 5.8% year on year, to a median house price of $852,940. 


The numbers are there now, the statistics are there to show this is not just smoke and mirrors, it’s not all hot air and fluff. The strong market is really on fire. It is going bananas, so we need to make sure that we prepare ourselves in whichever way we’re looking to tackle the real estate space. Whether you’re a vendor, a buyer or whether you’re a real estate agent looking to make the most out of the current environment, preparation is absolutely key. 


On auction day, in particular because there are a lot more auctions going on right now, in almost every single state and the competition amongst those auctions is so high because of the buyer depth, you’ve got to make sure that you’ve done everything that you can to give yourselves the best chance to getting the right outcome for you. 


What I’ve done, is I’ve gone to the tip top of the auctioneering mountain and brought in the most decorated auctioneer in Australia to come and give us his thoughts on what you need to do to make the most of auction day. Justin Nickerson is a three time Australasian auctioneering champion, the only Australian that can claim that prize. It’s an incredible feat and it’s a testament to how much he has put into his craft, making sure that he has become one of the best auctioneers to have walked this country. 


He’s got so many cool insights and tips and a really good way of communicating how you can best navigate on hot auction if you’re a buyer, if you’re a vendor and if you’re an agent as well. We’ll also have a chat around how he’s adjusted his auctioneering strategy to make sure he does everything he can to get the most for his clients. 


It’s an amazing episode whether you’re an auctioneer, an agent, or if you’re a consumer, vendor or buyer looking to make the most out of that scenario on auction day. Make sure you tune in gang because if you’ve got any aspirations of getting ahead in the industry, you need to listen to what he’s about to say. 


All that and much, much more, as always here on the Property Line. 

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01 February, 2021