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Jack Schroder, Dentons Canada

Beyond The Box - 06 Apr 2021


Jack Schroder, Mike McAra

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We’re spicing things up a bit on Beyond the Box this week!


You’ve been introduced to companies from both the Canadian and the US REACH programs, as well as the Director of the UK region. Now we turn to the legal side of things with Jack Schroder, Senior Associate of Dentons Canada.


Mike had the pleasure of chatting with Jack about what entrepreneurs should be thinking about before getting into major deals. Many founders are extremely passionate and anxious to get things rolling but sometimes forget all the crucial steps they need to take before getting anything off the ground. If you are a Founder and/or CEO of a start-up, this is a MUST watch, especially if you are looking to make a big decision about where your company should go next!


Catch Beyond the Box by REACH Canada, every Tuesday at 6.30pm AEST on Property TV.

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proptech startup legal

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06 April, 2021