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Kristen Porter

Property Line - 26 Apr 2021


Kristen Porter, Andy Reid

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Property News, Sales Coaching

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It’s Andy here, real estate Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer down in Victoria and around the country, I hope you are all well and enjoying your long weekend – if you had one where you are today!


Now then gang, talking about law is not the most entertaining topic in the world, is it? However, the ramifications of not paying attention to it are unfathomable so I’ve got Kristen Porter from O*NO Legal joining me on this week’s episode of the Property Line. And thankfully for you and I, she is the first lawyer that I’ve met who is able to make this information consumable, relevant and interesting.


We’re going to talk about the law around data, the protection of data and the privacy laws surrounding data as well. It is really critical right now, if not for all time. You’ve got to make sure you’re on top of this, so make sure you tune into the full episode above.


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privacy data protection law

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25 April, 2021