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Jonathan Creek and Evelyn Clark

Property Line - 10 May 2021


Jonathan Creek, Evelyn Clark, Andy Reid

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Hello, good evening and welcome to the Property Line, it’s Andy here, real estate Coach, Commentator and Auctioneer around the country, I hope you are all well! 


don’t know if you’ve had a chance to look at properties over the last few days, I’m sure you have! And I’m betting that you would’ve been taking a much closer look at the properties that had video content attached to them. Well, that is exactly why I have Jonathan Creek, the CEO and Founder of Virable on the show tonight. 


Jonathan is an absolute gun when it comes to viral and video marketing and he is turning his attention to the real estate space, hoping to help inspire a heck of a lot more professionals in this space to use videos to their advantage, when it comes to their vendors biggest asset. 


As well as that, we have Evelyn Clark from Everlend Finance giving us her monthly mortgage wrap. Evelyn let’s us in on a little bit of information around the increase in fixed mortgage rates from a couple of lenders, so it’s well worth pinning your ears back for that. 


All that and much much more, in the full episode above. 


Catch Andy Reid on Property Line every Monday night, at 7pm AEST. 

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10 May, 2021