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The untapped potential of photos – Dominik Pogorzelski

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Dominik Pogorzelski is the VP of Product & Operations of, a machine learning application that can search and identify objects within photos. Their plug-n-play software automatically tags and classifies property photos with industry-specific information like “marble countertops” and “white kitchens”. In this segment, he explains the potential of using photos to improve the home buying experience.

A photo speaks a thousand words

The real estate industry is sitting on millions of images and unfortunately, most real estate professionals aren’t utilizing the information within these images to the fullest. One photo can tell a buyer or a broker the condition of the house, whether there is a kitchen countertop or the type of furniture the interior designer used.

Why is this important? For most people, moving into or buying a new house is one of the biggest purchases they will ever make. There will be some features that they consider “must-haves”  for this new stage in their lives. 

However, the current house searching process takes so long. A customer must view a house’s cover photo or website thumbnail, then they have to sift through pictures of every amenity just to see if it has the feature they’re looking for. Or they have to compare photos of properties they like to see which one they would prefer to buy.

With, the process is now much faster. A buyer or a broker can search by room type, compare property and house photos side by side, and examine amenities at the touch of a button. 

Get to know more about how it works by watching the video. 

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13 February, 2019