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What you need to know before you renovate – Naomi Findlay

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Welcome to the newest show on our platform, The Reno Show! Hosted by none other than Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay, you’ll get proven tips, trending home inspirations, and professional advice for renovating and styling your home.

With years of DIY renovation experience and exposure to the industry, Naomi and her team can teach you how to update and upgrade your homes with the biggest bang for your buck.

In our first episode, she shares a renovation project she has actually done from afar. Naomi was touring and working on other people’s properties during the project so she was very hands off with the renovation. Learn the difference an amazing team can make in a particular project.

From the clothes she packed to the questions she asked, Naomi made sure she was prepared before going on her renovation tour. Watch the video to see an expert in action and learn what you need to know before you renovate.

Naomi also shares the styling secrets she gathered over the years like the colors to choose for a fun party vibe, the palette for a chill and relaxing space, how to make natural light work for you, and top tips for painting boards and lawn switches.

There is also a checklist within the video that will be very handy for people who work at home. A home office space with top-notch design will help you work faster, better, and smarter so you can’t miss this.  

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11 June, 2019