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VIDEO – Sydney and Melbourne clear over 70%

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5th record breaking week!

Auction Update: Kick-off airs every Friday at 3:00 pm +10 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Last week

The combined capital city final auction clearance rate remained above 60 per cent for the 5th consecutive week last week, coming in at 65.4 per cent which once again surpassed the previous week as the highest result since March last year. 

Both Melbourne and Sydney returned a final auction clearance rate above 70 per cent last week, the last time both cities were recording clearance rates above this mark was in July 2017, albeit auction volumes were much higher over this period.

This week and weekend

Auction activity will remain relatively steady over the week across the combined capital cities, with 836 homes scheduled for auction this week, down only slightly from the week.

There are 387 Melbourne homes set to go to auction this week, increasing by 11.2 per cent on last week’s 348 auctions. 

Sydney is expected to see a slightly lower number of auctions held this week, with 283 homes scheduled for auction, down on the 316 auctions last week

Watch for Kevin Brogan’s thoughts about the weekend ahead and the numbers around the country and then join him on Monday as he gives the most comprehensive national roundup of the full week’s activity and a look inside the top sales in 6 capital cities.

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19 July, 2019