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It is easy to be great – Daniel Argent

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”It’s really, really easy to be great. Just do the basics very, very well.” – Daniel Argent

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The Uber model has proven a lot of things. It has not only shown the world an easier way to get from point A to point B, but has also shown how simple improvements can revolutionise an entire industry. 

The taxi industry, on the other hand, has been dealt a severe blow and they may not ever recover. It has shown the pitfalls of lacking disruptors and being too complacent.  

Daniel Argent discusses if the same fate will befall the real estate industry. After all, the largest brands in the field were established between 1888 and 1939. Many of the practices during that time are still being done today. 

Can real estate adapt before it’s Uber arrives or will it be left in the dust? 

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Tech Talk Daniel Argent Uber model Technology disruption innovation complacency real estate property agents Realtor

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25 July, 2019