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Robotics: What’s real and what’s hype? – Sarah Edwards

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The reality of robots.

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At some point in a large organisation’s life, it will have to refresh existing process to remain strong and competitive. Complacency has been the death of many giants and young and hungry companies are always waiting in the wings. 

Fortunately, emerging technologies like has opened up better and easier ways of doing things. One of those technologies is robotics. 

Although it has been gaining traction in the business world for some time, there are still many misconceptions and hyped up stories about it – no doubt, due to its prevalence in Science Fiction. 

Sarah Edwards, CoreLogic’s Head of Client Operations in Australia and New Zealand, joins us in this TechTalk episode to help clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding robotics. 

Watch the complete video to learn:

• Whether bots will make us redundant?

• The most effective way to introduce Robotics to your workplace

• How much it will cost

• How to get up to speed for people uncomfortable with new tech

And, Sarah helpfully sums up for us the big benefits of Robotics. 

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31 July, 2019