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Machine learning AI for property management – Patrick Hill

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There are over a million inbound emails to property managers in Australia every single day.

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A single property manager can receive up to 20,000 emails, 6,000 phone calls, and 7,000 text messages in a course of a year. It’s not unusual for a property manager to take a half-hour lunch - only to find 35 unanswered emails waiting for them when they get back; three of them sent by an angry customer wondering why they aren’t receiving a response. 

With the number of busy and irritable tenants growing every year, how are property managers supposed to get anything done on time without stressing out over the next call?

CLAIRE is an AI driven assistant that was built especially for the real estate and property management industry. There’s no question that your tenants need an answer (and they want it now) so whenever you’re taking care of something else, CLAIRE can answer your next call for you. 

Patrick Hill discusses all the ways CLAIRE can help your workflows in the interview above so make sure to tune in!

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18 September, 2019