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Queensland does it again + Have Hefner as a roommate + Could it be the crocodiles?

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Wacky roommates, rent strategies, timeless design and more in this week’s Property News Update!

Property News Update airs every Friday at 12:30 pm +10 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This week’s guest on Property News Update is Michelle Delaney! She joins Kevin Turner to discuss interesting stories from the property industry like: 

  • Could it be the crocodiles? This house in the thriving location of Bees Creek has everything you could ever want – and some things you probably don’t. Aside from four gorgeous bedrooms, a country chic kitchen, a sparkling spa, and solar panels, the property also has a pig pen, two horse stables, paddocks, and… a custom-built crocodile enclosure with a pond.

  • 7 Retro throwbacks. Classic white sneakers and jeans aren’t the only fashion trends making a comeback. These home design styles from the ‘70s and the ‘80s prove that great design is truly timeless. 

  • Queensland does it again. Who doesn’t want a chance to win a $1.5m home for only $55? This young mom’s 111 acre Townsville home and profitable pet resort business is up for grabs using the raffle system, but there’s a catch. 

  • Have Hefner as a roommate. The notorious Playboy mansion in Los Angeles is set to hit the market again after fallout with Hostess brands owner Daren Metropoulus. 

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20 September, 2019