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A judge’s insights into awards – Melanie Hoole

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Being a judge is like a litmus test. It’s like reading a Secret Diary into their business.

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Social media and marketing through social media platforms was misunderstood and underestimated for a long time in real estate. Three years ago, people would sometimes just ask a student just out of university or an employee’s savvy son or daughter to take a look at their page and post things.

But today, marketing has progressed to the point that there are fully-fledged professionals studying the nitty gritty of online marketing. The playing field feels a lot more even now and more things are possible than ever before. 

Marketing strategist and digital guru Melanie Hoole was a judge in the REB digital and social media awards recently and she joins us to discuss the insights she picked up and what the award results might mean for the future of digital marketing in real estate.

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23 September, 2019