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Is it time to return to traditional lead & sphere marketing?

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With the rising costs of internet leads, will traditional lead and sphere marketing make a comeback?

Real Estate Coach airs every Wednesday at 12:00 pm UTC+11, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

More and more companies are starting to mature in the lead gen space. Gone are the days where there were still a lot of new systems to try out, new agents trying out different ways of converting leads, and new techniques for teams to try out to become more productive - the market is saturated.

With all of the competition and new players popping up, recovering your ROI on internet leads will be much more difficult. So the question is: is it time to return to a more traditional marketing and lead generation model?

Sam DeBord, RESO CEO and former president of the Seattle King County Association of Realtors, joins Bernice Ross on the latest episode of Real Estate Coach to discuss the topic.

 Here’s what Sam will be covering on this week’s show:

●     Why many agents are dumping their internet leads program in favour of more traditional means of marketing their businesses.

●     Internet leads—what’s required to succeed in today’s competitive market.

●     How to make a decision about the right CRM for your business.

●     The advantage you have over every single multi-billion dollar tech company.

●     Why face-to-face conversations beat email and print marketing virtually every time.

●     How and why to measure for success.

Tune in above for the complete video. 

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04 December, 2019