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Negotiation BEFORE auction day

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A lot of people avoid this crucial step before the auction. Don’t be one of them.

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You can actually secure a property even before auction day, but is that a good idea? Cate Bakos, a buyer’s agent who works at the Melbourne market, doesn’t think so –and she has to face these dilemmas every day. The biggest mistake that people make is that they assume they can step forward with an offer and try to bully the vendor or the agent into selling the property to them if the buyer feels that the selling price is in excess of the credit range. In some cases, the auction might be part of a campaign that’s going really well so the agent might want to have their day in the sun with the publicity an auction will get, so they won’t be inclined to negotiate before the auction day. The cases are different and Cate Bakos shares the pros and cons of each further in the video above. Tune in to make sure you’re well-prepared before the auction!

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13 January, 2020