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8 Reasons Your Social Media is Not Generating Leads

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Social media in the textbook definition is simply websites and applications that allow people to interact and share content with each other real-time. For business people, especially those in real estate, this is a way of promoting their own brand and gaining potential clients. However, creating a social media following and lead generation is not actually as easy as it first seems.

 In today’s episode, Melanie Hoole shares to us the 8 reasons that explain why social media is not generating leads:

  • You’re missing the marketing part.
  • You’ve forgotten to grow your connections.
  • You're inconsistent with your content.
  • You're not using paid advertising.
  • You've not installed The Pixel.
  • You're too protective over your accounts.
  • The receptionist with managing your socials.
  • You've been relying on free advice. 

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03 February, 2020