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Fix Your CRM

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Real Estate Coach airs every Wednesday at 1:00 PM +11 UTC, LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

In service-oriented businesses like real estate, having an organized CRM database is crucial as it a way of keeping track of everything - from getting leads up to the actual sale and beyond. But not everyone is good at it and this is where Beverly Ruffner, the CEO and Founder of Balance Business Consulting, comes in.

She joins us today for a great show called, “Fix your CRM” highlighting the following:

  1. Fixing your CRM begins with determining whether you are systems dependent or people dependent.
  2. How to make your database more valuable by tracking not only your leads, but when you last spoke to them, the anticipated date they will (or did) transact, plus the other variables that will help you to focus on who to contact first.
  3. Three steps to organize your database to be more effective using three filters—strategy, systems, and efficiency.
  4. How to use priority levels to segment your database so you get the best return on your time talking to leads and current clients.
  5. Internal tracking strategies and key metrics to track.
  6. Bonus resources and PowerPoint are available at This includes a more detailed discussion of the four major categories, labels, tags, and definitions: Communication (how to contact and when), Buyer lost (did not convert), Future Opportunity, Situation

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05 February, 2020