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Blockchain: Transforming the Real Estate Industry by Creating Faster and Safer Transactions

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Real Estate Coach airs every Wednesday at 12:00pm (Sydney) LIVE on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

This week Natalia Karayaneva of joins us to discuss a trend that is radically transforming the residential real estate, mortgage, and title industries — Blockchain. Propy is the first blockchain company to provide transaction management.

Blockchain allows a whole new level of security unlike anything that has been available before. Hackers can’t change it, wire transfers can’t be stolen, and it is so efficient that you can conduct almost all the current escrow and title functions with a tap and click on your mobile device. Here’s what Natalia will be covering in today’s show.

  •  What is blockchain?
  • How blockchain applies in real estate.
  • Conducting a transaction on blockchain — how it works and why it’s infinitely more secure than any other solution.
  • offers a transaction management system using “smart contracts” based upon blockchain technology.
  • Why NAR and DocuSign are exploring how to integrate blockchain solutions into their real estate businesses.

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01 April, 2020